NIMS incorporates incident management best practices developed and proven by thousands of responders and authorities across America. These practices, coupled with consistency and national standardization, will now be carried forward throughout all incident management processes: exercises, qualification and certification, communications interoperability, doctrinal changes, training, and publications, public affairs, equipping, evaluating, and incident management. All of these measures unify the response community as never before.


FFY07 NIMS compliance metrics require states/territories/tribes/and local entities to measure the jurisdiction's Resource Management activities. The following information will explain why there are several metric questions regarding the “Inventory state/territory or community response assets to conform to homeland security resource typing standards” compliance requirement found in Section 6 of the document.

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Training is one of the important NIMS Implementation activities that Federal, State, Territorial, Tribal, and Local entities must complete as they work towards becoming fully compliant with the NIMS.  State, Territorial, Tribal, and Local jurisdictions will be required to meet the FFY 2007 NIMS implementation requirements as a condition of receiving federal preparedness funding assistance in FFY 2008.

It is important to recognize that NIMS implementation will not end in FFY 2007. The NIMS is a dynamic system, and the doctrine as well as the implementation requirements will continue to evolve as our prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery capabilities improve and our homeland security landscape changes. It is critical NIMS baseline training becomes an integral part of the organization's training program. Organizational changes as a result of new hires, promotions or mission changes amplify this training requirement. Additionally NIMS processes will still have to be exercised in future years.

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